Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evidence for Long Tail Search being Dead : Google Instant changes Search Trends

Google Instant kills Long Tail search. Yes, you heard it right. Lately, many of SEO gurus were complaining about long tail search being killed by this so called Google Instant.

But, what's new in me saying that again. I have something beyond just the NEWS, I have got the evidence. When I tracked my Google Analytics, I can easily figure-out how many of the long tail searches that were yielding me decent hits has gone down to ZERO. JUST ZERO, which in turn reduced my overall traffic by 15% (huge loss). Below shown is just one among them.

What Google Instant mean for public?

It means FAST for any common searcher. It may be fascinating for them, as anything that happens fast really pulls your eyes. For them, it seems like Google understands their intent. But, they can't seem to understand how it kills their thinking ability or distracts them or been pushed to receive ONLY what Google offers. It simply looks adorable for them.

So, what should a SEO expert do ?

Don't SEO for Long Tail key phrase: Years back, SEO experts advised on not to target just the highly competetive generic key phrases as there are people in the world who search for specifc questions or for a specific problem. But now, everyone have to run for those highly competetive generic ones again. Fight for it..

I agree, the traffic couldn't vanish and go away - my lost traffic could be gained traffic for others- - for websites that tops for popular key phrases. But I am on the loser side. 

SideWiki: What does Long Tail mean? "Matt Bailey" of Search Engine Guide explains it "The Long Tail is used to describe the hundreds to thousands of keywords and key phrases that a website is found for, yet rarely noticed or exploited by owners of the website or in Layman's terms it is just "Non-Popular keywords".

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