Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My OMEBang Experience and the Power Tip

OMEBang Online Marketing Enthusiast Community Bangalore is a group of young passionate digital marketers who are experts in diversified industry including Social Media, Search Engine marketing, Affiliate marketing, Web Analytics, Paid marketing and much more. These bunch of people have same quest and desire - share and grow.

I am glad that I got an opportunity to attend the September OMEBang event at IIM Bangalore. The one thing that had driven me to attend was 'Jayashree' giving a talk on Online marketing best practices. I jump with joy and get inspired when I see women in Marketing community evolving. I can see decent count of women members too - entrepreneurs, web analysts, social media experts. AT PEACE!

Jayashree gave a neat presentation on "Online marketing best practices". She delivered it wonderfully with smiles in between. Interrupts couldn't actually 'interrupt' her smile.

This event also gave an opportunity to get introduced to peers in Digital Marketing field.

There was one session 'Power Tip' where anyone can share their own successful online marketing tips. I gave a simple tip that turned to be the best power tip of the event :) and that was sweet 'ahaa' moment for me.

This was the first event where I divulged my own identity 'Bhuvaneswari' instead of my alias Deepthi.

Here is the Power Tip:

Convert the Sitelinks titles as 'Call to Action' items and enhance UX:
The links shown below some sites in Google search results, called sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site.
These sitelinks titles are driven from anchor text or alt text (of a linked image that can act as anchor text) used for your site's internal links.

Make Best Use of Sitelinks:
Tweaking anchor text or linked image alt text of sitelinks pages with descriptive, eye catching titles can act as 'Call to Action' items.

Say for example, if you run a hospital website and one of your sitelinks title is seen as 'Appointments', try figuring out anchor text of all internal links to reach the appointment page and rewrite them as "Call 91-44-24914737" which will eventually appear as your sitelinks titles.

This serves 2 purposes:
  • It satisfies displaying your 'Call to Action' item right in the SERPs
  • It saves searchers time in navigating your website looking for your contact number.

SideWiki: There are instances that the sitelinks titles can be generated from alt text of linked images or even from your "noscript" tag links. In any case, make best use of it and apply any magic to it to work wonders.

Thank You OMEBang!

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