Friday, March 7, 2008

Google Search Within a Site – an advanced search feature in main search

Google Search within a website – This feature recently introduced by Google seems to help anyone new to sea engines.

This introduction makes us realize Google always keeps watching user trends – the way people search the net. Google has found that many searchers first search for the website name and then move on to a more refined search. Say if you wanted to search for YouTube video upload info, you can first search YouTube in Google search box which would give you something like this

Which you can further refine by searching upload videos in the site search box

Oh. Yes you are right. It is just one of the features you can see in Google advanced search. Google helps searchers to have these kinds of refined searches in an easier way.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Google Social Graph API – Know your Online Connections

Google next API release is quite interesting. Social Graph API will be able to collect information on public connections between people. Google says it doesn’t show any of your private data. So how is it going to be helpful for public and for developers?

For public – to know your public friend relationship/connections with other people appearing public

For developers - you can get information to provide your users advanced features like "add friends" functionality.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google Sites Launched – a “all in one product from Google”

Google has launched the Google Sites – a place to centralize all your Google applications from videos to presentations and share with people you prefer. Is this not cool??

“One-stop sharing for team information” – this is what Google says about its new product. Is Google trying to bring all features that Microsoft has?

Late to Blogging

I know am late to this blogging world. Being in the world of Search Engines I always have the thought of writing my views, ideas, readings, by which I would like to provide a new avenue for beginners in Search. Probably I will be talking on Google, Yahoo, MSN (oh.. no it is LIVE now!) – the three giants in Search Engine world. I have been blogging with other blogstops, but I feel none of them are as Search Engine friendly as this!